Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Tips To Attain An Allergy Free Home


The research states that the air inside our home is twice as polluted as the air outside, which can bring about sad situations, since allergies can siege us in a short span of time. We must understand that such problems and concerns are hard to eradicate if we don’t work over them since day one.

According to a research, the percentage of the people suffering from allergies and other household syndromes is increasing massively which indicates that detoxing the shelters has become mandatory now with finest methods and effective tools. It could be the dust mite or a cat’s fur becoming the reason behind our health overdrive.

Follow these methods.

  • Perfect Ventilation:

 The mold-friendly moisture is going to create various problems, especially in the ventilation process and it’s best to purchase a fan to eradicate its effect, which happen to siege the house after every bath or the shower.

Experts recommend leaving at least a single opening for the moister to pass out from the household, which is only possible when we open up the windows or leave the washroom door opened. Quite unbelievably, the mold travels around in the damp corners and towards the sink. Therefore, it is essential to use ventilation fans where possible.

  • No To Plug In Room-Fresheners:

These plug-in room fresheners might surround our homes with the most alluring fragrance in the market. However, such devices are causing some serious respiratory problems since people have taken note.

The in-house automated fresheners are being accused for giving headaches to the people, particularly the ones who stay close to these fragrance erupting objects. It’s time to get rid of them and bring normal spray bottles to be used occasionally.

  • Say Goodbye To Shower Curtains:

There are various methods that need to get implemented to detox our household completely, one of them is removing the shower curtains with considerable amount of ‘VOCs’ as well as emitting other harmful elements to the human body that directly affects our lungs and livers.

It might sound spontaneous, but the curtain that helped us in having warm baths, is probably the killer itself. Therefore, either eradicate the ‘curtain’ part or move on to purchase the nylon vinyl, which is quite suitable for the human environment.


Let’s understand the importance of having an allergy-free home, especially for the children, as their tender age makes them prone in getting caught up with these mind-boggling syndromes. Start working on these methods and eradicate the infected portions one by one.

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