Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Happy Home – Adding Lively Tunes To Our Place.


Home is where the heart is and it’s the most secured place that belongs to our lives and will always be. It’s a sanctum where our souls feel comfortable, it’s a place where we implement our personal practices and spend leisure time with our family members. It should be built in a unique way that it supports the positivism coming out from the minds and not negativity.

Some people might as well embellish their households with overly cliched decoration pieces dispersing depression, hopelessness and a variety of meaningless vibes. However, there are strong recommendations for adding lively tunes to where we live and it’s only possible when we reform it with meaningful and pleasing accessories.

That’s how we can turn our home into a soothing space.


  • The Water Colors:

 It is reportedly confirmed that hue shades can kick some positivism in the human minds, which fetches the idea of adding water colors to our household. The blue color puts light over creativity and prosperity whereas the green shade gives an ambiance of a beautiful new beginning. It is important to reform and add such colors to our lives to acquire great peace of mind and a ray of hope simultaneously.

  • No Over-Stuffing:

No one would like to step into an overly stuffed room filled with different pieces of furniture placed on the most unwanted locations. The room should give an ample amount of space to the visitor and must exhibit less, but attractive accessories to rest and maintain the comfort zone.


  • Environment with Ventilation:

Your home needs an environment  full of ventilation to give exposure to the sunlight and natural indoors. It should be in our best interest that growing planets and maintaining a certain level of ventilation can eradicate negativism and depression from the air. The reports suggest that ‘plants bring in liveliness to the human minds’ and we must water them actively too.

Follow these major reforms at home and maintain a certain level of peace and harmony among the family members. Furthermore, we can set portraits and astounding paint work to enhance the entire look, especially in the hallways. Keep the home clean and full of positive vibes, because it’s where we live 24/7.



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