Tuesday 18 May 2021
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Does Smoking Stop Us From Weight Gain?


The new reports are going to intervene the smokers from smoking all kinds of branded cigarettes available in the world. It should be in our best interest that according to a medical research, an average smoker can gain up to 4-5 KG of weight in the first three months of his ‘life without the smoking’ phase.

The research was later published in the ‘British Medical Journal’ and smokers were stunned to read about the reason behind not putting on a few extra pounds. Although, the health journal made it clear that this news isn’t to stun or discourage the chain smokers around the globe, but this issue became viral in the media industry.

Quite interestingly, the research took place between the people who would take an ample amount of nicotine and those who would not. The researchers were stunned to witness that non-smokers gained 2.9 KG of weight making it possible for them to put on 4.7 KG in one year.

Moreover, the trend for the active smokers exhibited an opposite trend. It is quite plain and simple that previously people who doubted that smoking doesn’t affect the weight gain potential have begun to think the other way round. It’s probably because of the latest research and all the facts that it has unveiled.


What’s the most suitable alternative for cigarettes?

If the facts curated from the research can help us in quitting the smoking saga then eventually, we would see numerous alternatives to be used instead of damaging our heart and lungs to the cores.

  • Chew some sugar-free gums which will keep our mouth distracted.
  • Munch over some sugar-free hard candies to feel the sensation.
  • Eat carrot sticks for a healthy terrain.
  • Use sweet peppers sometimes.

It is worth mentioning that smokers who have already settled their scores after exploring the main cores of this research have sharpened their ‘sweet-tooth’ which means that craving for desserts and artificially made products is on the go for now.

Furthermore, since it’s more of a psychological addiction, smokers who no longer smoke admit to have fun in unwrapping the chewing gums and munching over them with full force. Keep up with this habit and quit smoking in order to add extra years to this life. Read more about quitting this deadly addiction and consult a doctor as per the requirement.


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