Tuesday 18 May 2021
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This common day ritual.. May be good for you?

Are you one of the millions in the world that wake up every morning and have a coffee? Well there may be proof that this morning ritual may be beneficial for people living with colon cancer.

A quick study was done with about 1,500 colon cancer patients; this research was done in the USA. They discovered that colon cancer patients who had this coffee drinking habit and would have 4 to 5 cups per day had reduces their chances of having the cancer return once in remission.

Something even more shocking was that people who drank 4 or more cups each day significantly reduced their risks of dying from other health complications.

.So that makes these  patients 42% less likely to have their cancer come back as appose to 33% of non-coffee drinkers that were likely to die from cancer than any other case.

For you moderate coffee drinkers that drink less than 4 cups per day each day this will only have a more modest benefit. So I guess this means drink more coffee per day.

It is the belief that it is indeed the caffeine that makes the difference for the cancer not coming back- Which means that for those of you who drink decafe.. Maybe you should reconsider.

All in All it is great news for coffee drinkers, however if you are a non- coffee drinker and after reading this want to start drinking coffee. Please people consult with your doctor first.


So there is that!!!.

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