Tuesday 18 May 2021
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BIKINI SHAPE BODY ? Dream come true

Here we have mind blowing topic for women a dream come true for women who have shapeless figure. We try a lot to maintain proper balanced shape not to fat nor to thin in different ways and end up with no proper result. We are concerned about your concerns in 3 ways result in bikini body shape.

INTAKE OF WATER – Increase intake of water removes toxins from body and improves your skin. It has varied benefits. ICE COLD WATER boosts metabolism and helps in burn more calories. Water can never be replaced there is no food or drink which can replace water.

POSTURE – Keep shoulders pulled back enhances highs and chin up, Stand straight, maintaining good posture burns more calories it also boosts more confidence etc . Maintain proper posture in your every day living and every act of the day such as sitting, standing, walking etc.


THE NEGATIVE ACCENTUATE – We are not talking attitude, personality here. POSITIVE – raising part of the repetitions, NEGATIVE – Lowering phase of a repetition. Ways to over come

  • PUSH UP in gym hour alone is not sufficient falling on floor only to heave yourself back up is not that effective.
  • Maintain a proper work out
  • Balance your time during work out use STOP CLOCK
  • Divide your work out with every 20 second count

Eg : PRANK – Position 20 second hold

Go down 20 second hold

Push back up 20 second hold

REPEAT.plankWork out daily your every single rep will get perfection in return.

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