Tuesday 18 May 2021
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5 ways to over come STRESS


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WHAT IS STRESS ? Pressure or tension exerted on a material object. It is the main problem face by every individual is it a part of our daily life which can have an adverse effect on once health every individual undergo stress might be stress or u-stress. Are you in stress are you willing or trying to over come stress ? here are few ways through which you can over come stress and keep your self relaxed


1 MEDITATION – Practice of meditation daily at least for 5 minutes will not only make you relax but also increase blood flow, Concentration etc which has an direct or indirect effect on your stress.

2 DON’T OVER LOAD – Do one think at a time don’t strain your self by loading your self or force self to do things which your not comfortable with. Schedule your work so that you don’t mess things up at time of presenting it not only avoids stress but also develop perfection in self .

3 GET MOVING – Walk, hike, play a sport, go for a run, hit the gym etc . Don’t do it to avoid stress instead do it to have fun .

4 CREATIVITY – Is one of the best way to over come stress become creative. Every individual is creative in there own way believe there can never be other YOU,I . This will help you engage in things which will provide you fun, relaxation, other different atmosphere.

5 TAKE THINGS EASY – I Admit you are into stress due to some severe reason I know it is really hard. Have faith in self you are never the less and you can do it never under estimate your self if not it can be a stressor , AS SAID THERE CAN NEVER BE OTHER YOU non can do as the way you do relax your self do some other think which you like and then think peacefully you will find an answer with in your problem itself its just that we never realize or thought of .


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