Tuesday 18 May 2021
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4 Most Effective Yoga Postures To Be Performed At Home



Yoga is considered as the most powerful l exercise enriched in solitude and activeness for the human mind which triggers some immediate meditation and that too in a short span of time. It is recommended by some of the best physicians in the world to eradicate our mental disturbance and enter a world full of happiness and comfort. The 4 most effective yoga postures are mentioned below that can be performed at home without any rocket-science for the first timers.

We only require 15 minutes to complete this yoga session based on some top-notch positions-:

  • The Famous Chair Pose:

We’re required to stand up on our feet, keeping our curve’s width apart and pointing towards the front side. It is recommended to breathe in and out slowly with arms positioned over our head. The next objective is to push our shoulders away from the ears and bend at such a posture as if we’re sitting in an imaginary chair to get the perfection.

It’s completely up to our body’s flexibility since going as low as possible would benefit our physique to the fullest. It is important to exhale and inhale gradually while putting weight over our spines. Get back on the feet and repeat this step for 4-5 times.

  • The Plank Pose:

The plank pose can become a very difficult task as it requires a certain amount of body balance and the strength to pull ourselves up from the floor. It’s more like emulating the ‘push-up’ pose with some amendments made by the yoga instructors. The professionals recommend spreading our fingers once we lay on the floor with widened shoulders.

Take assistance from the spines and keep the head away from the feet until the body maintains a straight posture. Rotate shoulders gradually from the body and experience a little stretch over the muscles that are now working actively. Do this for 6-8 times to feel the difference.




  • The High Lunge Pose:

Immediately emulate the plank position with one knee bending while the other one is placed on the floor between the wide-opened hands to begin the high lunge yoga pose. Maintain the same pose and point arms towards the ceiling, turning the upper portion of the body completely straight. Remember, at this point, we must keep our front leg bent at 90 degrees at any cost. Repeat the same pose from the scratch for 8-10 times and exchange legs one by one.



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