Tuesday 18 May 2021
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3 Easiest and Effective Home Remedies


Home remedies are considered as the most powerful natural solution towards solving problems with the human body. Either it’s a severe stomach ache or a common cold, such mixture of ingredients that are not artificially manufactured can have a great impact on our health. We’ve listed 6 easy and effective home remedies with components that are easily available in the markets.

1 – Green-Tea For Stomach Ache:

It would be appropriate to state that human bodies have the tendency to react to a seasonal change or any inner disturbance right on the spur of the moment. No wonder, we can expect a sore throat on the most important day of our lives or severe pain in the stomach, due to late-night dinner causing simple indigestion.

How about making a steaming cup of ‘Green Tea’, which has enough potential to accelerate our metabolism rate and help us in overcoming severe pain in the stomach. Prepare a cup of hot boiling water and add a pinch of green-tea to grasp its full flavor. Turn on the stove and wait for 5-8 minutes. We can enhance the flavor by using lemons and some sugar after serving.


2 – Frozen Ginger Chips For Nausea:

Ginger is another essential vegetable or a natural remedy for eradicating the effect of nausea within some hours from the body. The process starts by infusing fresh ginger into hot boiling water and pouring it down on the ice-cube trays to freeze later on. To eradicate nausea, take out the cubes as per the requirement and lick them throughout the whole day. It’s very helpful at the time of pregnancy or after a major surgery.

3 – Sugar Cubes For Hiccups:

Hiccups are very disturbing at times and sugar cubes can save the day for us. It is recommended to taste 1-2 cubes of sugar to make our granules more responsive, which refreshes the non-responsive nerve accordingly. In such annoying situations, salt can be used as the best alternative over sugar, however, it’s one strong pinch can get the job done. Sugar helps our immune system to reset the disturbed nerve and gets the continuity back within a short span of time.

Use 3 most effective and easily available remedies to overcome these annoying situations from the human life. Such remedies can be prepared within a short span of time and the components are available in every corner of the world.

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