Tuesday 20 April 2021
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download (27)INCREASE BLOOD FLOW – YOGA is the best practice which has an adverse effect on blood flow which strengthens bones and helps ward off osteoporosis. It helps in strengthen your bones . Blood touches every region due to its twist and turns of yoga methods which helps body growth. Yoga reduces clots due to increase in blood flow and helps body relax. Practice of yoga daily is the best exercise.



Claire-n-bones01_003HEALTHY BONES – Main methods and postures in yoga increases lifting your own weight its well documented weight bearing exercise it strengthens bones helps ward off osteoporosis. Its helps bones to keep up calcium. It is the best way to relax you bones.




yoga tensionHEALTHY MUSCLES – Yoga strengthens body muscles it protects from back pain it is beneficiary in elderly person as well. Yoga makes your body flexible and has a positive effect on blood pressure.




images (11)POSITIVE EFFECT ON BLOOD PRESSURE – People who suffer from high blood pressure needs to practice yoga daily which will help them to balance blood pressure and flow in body. Yoga has control on blood pressure it shows results in many ways.




download (28)REDUCE BLOOD SUGAR – Yoga reduces blood sugar, bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Get your blood sugar level down with yoga and keep yourself healthy in protect from disease.




download (26)HELPS IN FOCUS – Yoga helps in concentration, focus. Studies have shown yoga improves co-ordination, memory, IQ etc.  Mediation demonstrate ability to problem solving, recall, relaxation etc .



Yoga has many benefits not only mentions above yoga is very beneficiary I must say every individual should practice yoga daily which is primary health care.

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