Tuesday 20 April 2021
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OMELETS – One of the best breakfast. Make sure you eat whole egg don’t remove any yellow or white part because half of vitamins and proteins are in it.

  • Brown wheat, cheese, Omelet.
  • Spices – Black pepper, sea salt.
  • Omelet and Bread

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 MILK – 1 Litre whole milk contains 600 kcal. Liquid food get digested fast than solid.

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SHAKES – Liquid meals are easy to digest take less time to prepare avoid weight gainers it has side effects. They are few suggested shakes to weight gain :

  • Banana milk shake
  • Fruit juice
  • Dry fruit shake
  • Yogurt shakes etc.

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DRY FRUITS – are rich in calcium, calories, proteins etc. They are healthier than your regular meals. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber the fresh versions. Dry fruits have long life than other fruits.

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BANANAS – 1 Banana contains 100 calories which helps in weight gain.

  • Have banana with with every morning
  • Have banana before going to bed
  • Banana milk shake etc


NUTS & SEEDS – Contains polyunsaturated fats which had high calories which has adverse effect on weight gain.

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CHICKEN BREAST – Healthiest and non fat part which is high in calories which has an adverse effect on weight gain.

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