Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Wrinkles are problem face by women of ageing it is a big problem faced.Its is not only faced by women but also men it is believed that wrinkles exist in times of ageing. Are.Are you worried with this problem and thinking for solutions ? here we shall provide you with few tips which will help you over come.


  1. AVOID SMOKE – Smoke is not only harmful for skin but also health. Cigarette smoke also has a negative effect on skin and health. Avoid smoke and dust wash face with water every now and then don’t use soap or face wash always just normal water.
  2. GET ADEQUATE SLEEP – Sleep is very essential for good health, Beauty , Avoid wrinkles , dark circles gives rest to hormones that break down skin cells rest it is essential for bones ,harmones etc to get rest in relaxed manner which is possible through proper sleep.
  3. EAT HEALTHY FOOD – Such as fruits and vegetables this components fights with damage wjich helps skin look younger and more radiant.
  4. Wear sunscreen – If you are going out in sun this can protect you from various disease.
  5. EAT PROTIEN RICH FOOD – Which will gloom you skin through out aging.
  6. INTAKE HIGH AMOUNT OF WATER – Which will purify blood and also increase blood flow in body.
  7. DRINK MORE OF FRESH JUICE – it is good for health as well as skin .


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