Monday 1 March 2021
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Periods pain is a part of all most every girls life dread monthly cycle with painful cramps, back pain, leg pain etc.? All most all women suffer from period’s pain and are unaware about the home remedies to make there periods more comfortable like a normal day. Many people end up taking tablets which may have side effect. Period is a natural pain why can’t we handle it with natural remedy?

You might be think why you undergo period’s pain? It is a stage where your uterus plays a role were uterine muscle contract-blood vessels which supply for uterus become constricted which results in pain due to low blood flow.

There are various home remedies to overcome this problem are as follows:

TEA – Tea leaf (Raspberry leaf) is considered as mild uterine tonic. Make sure to drink at least half-one cup tea regularly throughout month make sure it is an herbal tea.

download (8)ENERGY BOOSTER – Such as dry fruits, fresh fruits, milk which are rich in calcium. High intake of good calcium, nutrition’s etc help in relaxation of muscles which will help during periods and other normal times.

images (11)AVOID COFFEE – Caffeine is known as vasoconstrictor which restricts blood vessels it may tighten uterus more and result in pain. Try avoiding coffee or any caffeine included products.

images (12)HEATING PAD – Can help you relax in case you don’t have heat water pad you can use hot water bottle this will help you reduce muscle spasms.

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