Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Say Goodbye To Dandruff – Home Remedies To The Rescue


Winters are around the corner and so do the dandruff problems which is meant to be experienced by millions of people in the world. It’s a time when the dead skin starts falling off from our scalp in the form of white flakes since most people would use warm water for the bath which doesn’t do justice with our hair.

According to the experts, dandruff occurs when we don’t wash our hair on a regular basis. Furthermore, we must use shampoos and conditioners to keep our roots moisturized all the time, as it reduces the chance of getting tangled into this hair problem. It destroys the entire look of our debonair personality and weakens our hair quality from the inside out.



Natural Remedies For Dandruff

1 – Using Neem:

Neem is considered as one of the most popular solutions for dandruff, especially in the winter season, when we become helpless with this needless serpentine. Moreover, the same ingredient is being used in Ayurveda medication to treat people with various other health issues accordingly.

It’s easy to prepare the cure since we only require a few lemons and neem leaves to begin with. Use neem leaves to make a past, add half cup of curd and a few tablespoons of fenugreek seeds to master the proportion. Add some lemon juice into the prepared paste and apply it on the scalp, don’t forget to mix any ordinary hair oil to eradicate its thickness.

2 – Using Baking Soda:

Another utmost remedy, which has benefited various people in the world, is called the ‘Baking Soda’, which showcases an alkaline nature and eradicates the dead skin from the head within a blink of an eye.

Considering this ingredient as a remedy, it is worth mentioning that oil secretion on the scalp is probably the most alarming problem and baking soda encounters it very well. Start making a paste of baking soda and add a few water drops to it. Apply the prepared formula on the scalp and wash it off with cold water to experience the difference.

3 – Using Curd:

Massage the scalp with a homemade curd and wait for half an hour, this will dry up the paste and eradicate dandruff quite miraculously from the hair. Using curd helps in erasing the white flakes from the scalp and revitalizes the hair with its original shine. It should be in our best interest that ‘curd’ has helped people in numerous hair problems around the globe.

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