Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Revert The Sparkle – Use These Tips for Gleaming White Teeth


Smile is considered as the universal language as people often use it to meet and greet others in their lives. It should be in our best interest that smile is an emblem of kindness, humanity and affection towards another human being. For example, it is essential to smile while posing for pictures at the events or whenever we’re on the verge to owe an apology note for anyone.

It has the potential to change boring times into joyous memories since it’s the only curve that sets everything straight in our lives. Let’s explore some of the most effective and the easiest ways of revitalizing our teeth whiteness, which would embellish our smile and maintains sophistication in our personality.


Using Strawberries:

Ever wondered about using some scrumptious strawberries for the sake of a gleaming smile? We understand that it’s something spontaneous and surprising. However, most people who are fading away with their teeth whitening have started living up to the fact that ‘strawberries’ help in reverting what we’ve lost in the first place.

The method is plain and simple which requires 5-6 strawberries and nothing else. Crush some berries in a blender and rub its pulp over the affected portions of the teeth and wait for 30-40 minutes. Rinse off with cold water and maintain this activity for thrice a week, it will bounce back with immediate results.


Using Salt:

Another ingredient which helps in revitalizing our teeth whiteness is the ‘salt’, which is always available in the markets as well as in the kitchen. Apart from its benefits in the cooking and adding flavors to food, salt has the potential to maintain a gleaming smile over our faces and that too in short span of time.

Prepare a teeth-whitening mixture and add one tablespoon of baking soda in a pinch of salt and brush the teeth off as exactly as you would with an ordinary tooth-paste. This will eradicate the bacteria and plaque from the teeth, allowing us to relive those beautiful days back.



Using Water:

The water isn’t only good for our health, as it keeps our mouth hydrated all the time and helps in minimizing the acidic activities happening within our digestive system. It keeps our smile healthy and clean allowing us to meet and greet people like we used to. Consume as much water as possible and ignore fizzy drinks within the process of getting the gleaming smile back.


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