Monday 1 March 2021
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Mind-Boggling Beauty Myths That Are Actually True


Eventually, we’re going to find millions of beauty hacks and tips that are completely fabricated. But, some of them have left an ever-lasting impact on our minds, as we wonder, what if they turn out to be true?

Indeed, it has happened, but, no we aren’t talking about the one associated with the toothpaste which causes chemical burns or anything. In the nutshell, the story has been proven by the experts of today’s time, stating that some myths are now being considered as the truth when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Let’s look at all the wonderful myths that are actually being labelled as something ‘true’.

1 – Tighten Up Buns and Crippled Ponytails Can Cause Hair Fall:

No, we don’t think so. But, wait, truth be told and according to a latest research, people who tie up stiff ponytails and adopt hairstyles that produce tension by pulling the scalp can ultimately reduce the hair growth for us. It technically means that the reason behind our hair loss is tightening up the pony tales and pulling hair from the root.


2 – Rubbing The Eyes Would Get Us Wrinkles:

The research proves that rubbing our eyes with all the energy doesn’t always lead to wrinkles. But, in the nutshell, the pulling motion might as well make the layer thinner, which is covering the most portion around the eyes. As a result, people get into a premature aging phase giving them a wrinkly and rough skin. It is highly recommended to ignore this habit, since various people around the world would rub their eyes for a clearer vision, especially after waking up.

3 – Washing The Scalp With Beer For Stronger and Thicker Hair Quality:

Ever wondered about doing this, since beer is laced in vitamins and proteins up to some extent. It’s another blast from the past, call it a myth, but this beverage does impact our hair quality making them stronger and thicker in a short span of time. The usage of beer over our scalp can widen the shaft proving that it’s one of the cheapest and affordable hair-thickening products in the market right now.

We all are dazzled to learn that such myths have turned out to be true in this real life, seriously. Let’s benefit ourselves to the fullest by using these methods for a better life ahead.


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