Tuesday 20 April 2021
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MIGRAINE ? It is an headache which is often one side it accompanies vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, nausea etc. It is neurobiological disorder which involves both vascular and neurological changes in brain.


AVOID OR BALANCE TRIGGERS – It is a cause for migraine few situation, things, stimuli keeps triggering you in your life try to overcome those triggers in order to control migraine headache. Keep a track for your pain when? how long ? it is caused so that you have a clear picture about your migraine.

ALCOHOL – Few brand of alcohol might not suit your body avoid alcohol which gives you migraine within 8-9 hours. Few people might be ok with that particular bear but you might not tend to accept and avoid.

DECLINE IS OESTROGEN – Women go into various stages of life one of the stage is menopause in which oestrogen level drops down which can result in migraine headache.

DISTURBANCE IN MEAL – Fluctuation in blood sugar can cause pain that sets to migraine so make sure you take food on time without missing any meal for any cause. Glucose, Protein, nutrition etc are must for every human being don’t compromise in any of those.

SLEEP DISTURBANCE – Every individual requires minimum 7-8 hours sleep without any disturbance, break or triggers. When a individual sleeps completely brain starts resting in a relaxed manner. If there is continues weightage on brain it can result in migraine over long.

HEALTH IS WEALTH don’t underestimate your health for any reason once you end up in any kind of disorder or disease there will be little or no permanent effect on health. TAKE CARE 

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