Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Magical Home Remedies For Cuts and Skin Abrasions


We cannot ignore cuts and skin abrasion in this life, indeed most of us have either suffered it or doing it right now and seem helpless with these deep wounds that might not cross our epidermis. The main reason behind getting caught up with this serpentine is an exposure of our skin towards something which is rough in nature.

For example, women are often experiencing skin cuts and abrasion patches over their hands at the time of cooking, especially when it’s got something to do with the burning stove. As a result, the skin is worn off and seem quite unwanted and hideous over the body part. These cuts can hurt and ooze with a burning sensation, sometimes, if the cut is unbearable, doctors recommend getting the first aid because abrasions can result in bleeding.

Use these miraculous home remedies and replenish the effected patches.

It is mandatory to clean out abrasion with cotton balls and anti-septic liquids.

1 – Aloe Vera:

It sure is an effective remedy for the human skin as it showcases anti-inflammatory characteristics along with components that can lock horns with septic and bacteria within the abrasion. Quite interestingly, the same remedy helps in keeping our skin moisturized and gives us a swift recovery in the end. This plant is locked and loaded with benefits.


    • Get into an aloe vera leaf and carefully extract its inner gel.
    • Dab the inner gel on the affected portions directly.
    • Keep up with the gel and do not panic.
    • The wound would begin healing after following this remedy for 2-3 times a day.


2 – Calendula:

Another name for ‘Calendula’ is ‘Marigold’ due to its tremendous healing capabilities even after abrasion and deep cuts. In contrast with other remedies, the calendula is packed with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that eradicate infection treat wounds as if they weren’t even there before. It responds to collagen production and grow extra cells to overlap the damaged portions of the skin.


  • Pickle a few fresh flowers of calendula and reach out to its juice.
  • Dab on the affected portions of the skin.
  • Purchase its alternatives i.e. calendula creams and lotions available in the markets and apply them as per the dermatologist’s perception.

Remember that over-the-counter medicines can provide assistance in healing the affected portions. However, not all products can turn out to be effective as people are more prone towards using home remedies.

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