Monday 1 March 2021
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How To Replenish Sun Tan From The Facial Skin



What do you do in the summer time? Some people might as well go back and forth trying to find a hide out from the scorching rays of the sun. The reason is simple ‘sun tan’ which can damage our facial skin in the spur of the moment by kissing it with bright sun-light.

Therefore, sun’s out and gun’s out now, in terms of finding the most effective ways to replenish the sun tan from the skin as it results in damaged patches and skin begins to ache whenever we strike such a problem.

Most people would agree that some patches often last forever, because we don’t revitalize them to the fullest, it’s mainly the layer which gets caught up with the sun-rays and there are various ingredients and remedies available to recover this dreaded scenario.

Explore how easily we can get rid of the sun-tan, especially its patches.


1 – Making Face Pack From ‘Bathing Salts’:

Initiate the process by mixing salt as well as the some essential oil placed in a bowl. After this, add a few tablespoons of honey and blend, as the liquid would surface a smooth texture now.

Now, add some lemon juice and stern for a moment to proceed. Once we’re done till here, start applying the prepared face pack with the scrub and dab on the damaged portions of the facial skin.

2 – Making Face Pack With Gram Flour:

It’s a simple face pack with tons of benefits for the tanned skin patches. We can mix gram flour with an appropriate amount of water and dab it all over the face gently. Once the mixture cools down, it would become rough and solid, it’s when we wash it off to experience the difference. This method helps in oil control for people exhibiting such nature of skin and revitalizes the damaged portions of the face.

3 – Making a Face Pack With Lemon and Honey:

Removing the tanned patches has been made easier, thanks to the combination of this killer duo, lime juice and honey that are helping millions of people in eradicating the parched portions on their facial skin after getting sun exposed. Get both the ingredients and put them in a bowl with an equal proportion.

Wait for a while and apply the prepare fluid over the affected areas and do not rinse the mixture off from the face for at least 30 minutes. When the time is finished, wash it gently with a mild soap. Follow this interesting and effective remedy for 2-3 times a week and replenish the sun tanned patches.

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