Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Getting Late For Office? – Try Contouring The New Way.


We’ve experienced some disturbed mornings along with the mood swings and that’s all because of getting late for the office with the willingness to embellish our beautiful faces with the contouring make up skill. For the most part, the internet has given us various methods for contouring and with such an overwhelming variety, it’s hard to choose that which one would be suitable for the kind of cheek-bones we exhibit.

It should be in our best interest that such methods are either time-consuming or nefariously wacky, which gives us the light at the end of the tunnel that we can master the art of contouring in minimal time-frame. After handful of research work, the experts have given us something to smile about, it’s not our regular-morning makeover, since this time, we’re introducing a new method of following the true essence of contouring, making it easier and convenient for women who exhibit time issues


How To Perform:

Initiate the process by applying a gradual tanner and cover up most part of the face to develop a glowing effect in the form of ‘base’. Along with this, we need to apply a darker shade of the self-tanner and choose places where we want to deepen the effect of contouring specifically. It’s best that we impact the forehead, cheekbones and the down side of the nose along with its tip. The experts recommend using a stippling brush as we embellish our forehead with the tanner and a professional contouring brush to revitalize our cheekbones as well as the nose.

Additional Tip:                                   

The experts recommend using ‘regular self-tanners’ over ‘gradual self- tanners’ and this does have a rational explanation behind it. According to a research, the gradual self-tanner add a tiny hint of color on our faces, but with the other tanner, we don’t require an ample amount of experience and can contour the chosen portions accordingly. Likewise, foam and mousse formulas are given top priority and are considered more effective than the lotions.

Choose wisely and get on the contouring process to brighten up the face every morning. Remember, this is all happening under our time-frame and doesn’t require extra efforts which might ruin our morning coffee.


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