Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Get Immediate Relief For Swollen Feet


How many times have you suffered from this extremely disturbing issue? It seems that feet swelling has become the most common problem that people might encounter on various occasions. A person is ought to have swollen feet since a special fluid articulates in the tissues, which results in bulging the feet skin called ‘edema’.

The swollen feet can immediately encounter us at any moment, especially if we’re suffering from weight problems or have remained intact in one particular position for a long period of time. The new research states, having swollen feet is an indication towards a low blood pressure circulation, which is quite alarming for anyone. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes, heart problems or liver infections are likely to get caught up with this problem very often.

Follow these methods to get immediate relief for our swollen feet:

1 – Contrast Hydrotherapy:

Approved from the medical experts, such therapy revolves around cold and warm water simultaneously. Using different temperatures can help in improving the blood circulation as well as reducing the swollenness of the feet accordingly. This method is easy and can bring back the comfort within immediate basis.


Set up two different tubs, one with lukewarm water and the other one having cold water. Initiate this method by soaking feet in the warm tub for 5-10 minutes and maintain a slight movement of the swollen parts.

Now, it’s time to put our feet in the cold water tub for 2-3 minutes however, there are no intervals between using the warm water as well as the cold water tubs, since it highlights the main objective of this therapy. Keep up with this combination of using warm as well as the cold water for 2-3 times a day to eradicate swollenness.

ginger oil

2 – Ginger:

Ginger is a remarkable vegetable enriched in natural elements that help in reducing the swollen feet. It eradicates ‘sodium’ which is considered as the reason behind this annoying pain. The vegetable showcases inflammation properties that are essential for fighting against bacteria and infections within the human body.


Start massaging the feet with an ample amount of ginger oil and maintain this habit for 2-3 times a day. It should be in our best interest that chewing ginger slices or drinking ginger tea can help reduce the pain resulting in immediate relief from the overall situation. Ginger has helped people with swollen feet and it continues to mark its essential presence in the world

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