Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Get Crop-Top Abs – Follow These Easy Methods


It has become everyone’s fantasy to flaunt around with visually pleasing abdominal muscles and the arrival of crop-tops have made it clear that women aren’t supposed to wear bikinis and short-garments to showcase their fitness.

It’s about time and we must follow some effective ways of growing these absolutely sensational muscles over our flat stomach.

Quite interestingly, the trend is back in the business, it’s a season when actresses are using these helpful tips to embellish their crop-tops with some sensual looks and it’s only possible when we build abs as per these exercises.


1 – The Side Shaper:

The name indicates it all, this move shapes up our body through sideways while it impacts our waistline to the fullest, giving us the chance to work on both the sections at once. The side shaper is one of the most widely known abs workout in the world as it doesn’t involve rocket science and even beginners are well aware of its effectiveness.


Keep the hips stacked and position your body sideways with bottom leg bending and tucking the heel behind you. Moreover, place the elbow on the floor, beneath the shoulders to perform this workout correctly.

Now, gradually extend the top leg and maintain its straight posture whereas the bent leg should come straight towards the chest, ensuring that its direction is parallel to the ground. Practice the same scenario with bending on the other side and perform 8-15 reps for each leg.


2 – The Single Tower Slider:

This move is quite similar to the mountain climber as it empowers our cores, especially the muscles associated with our pelvis, hips and abdomen accordingly. It’s an exciting workout exercise which strengthens the muscles that we use on a regular basis to perform multiple tasks. Therefore, it’s essential in stashing the required amount of energy.


Maintain a tabletop posture with our hands placed under the shoulders one knee under the hips. After mastering the first step, extend the legs that are placed behind you and do not bend your back, it’s mandatory to stiffen up our abs as well as the head to perform this workout.

This is when the magic begins, keep a small towel underneath the toes with one knee bending and drawing towards the chest. Furthermore, slide the towel and after completing the step, rearrange the positions to perform another rep, switch legs and perform evenly.

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