Monday 1 March 2021
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Many people suffer from bad breath issues few suffer from birth, few after reaching certain age, can also be due to improper digestion. There are various ways to fight against bad breath as follows:
1. BRUSH TWICE A DAY – Brush your teeth twice a day for two to three minutes at least (Morning and before going to bed night) Will protect you from various bacteria and germs etc this way can also solve the problem we are talking about bad breath.
2. SCRAPE YOUR TONGUE – This will help you to avoid or remove residue that may be built between taste buds and folds. Scraping will help you avoid such issues which can also be a way to avoid bad breath.
3. CONSULT DENTIST – The best way to know the cause for bad breath. It can be the best way to identify problem.
4. SMOKING AND TOBACCO – If you are into any form of drugs make sure you avoid it because it is also the reason for bad breath.

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