Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Skin rashes are red areas of the skin which might include pain, itching, swelling etc. It can also result in allergy, irritation, infection etc. Few rashes might be by birth and few may be natural they might disappear on there own but others should be treated.


  • AVOID SWEATING – Avoid any situation that leads to sweating. Rashes come when the sweat ducts in your skin get clotted.
  • Avoid hottest time of the day
  • Use air conditionerHow-to-Stop-Excessive-Sweating-Avoid-Sweating
  • Use wet towel to wipe sweat
  • Cool shower after exercise





  • ALLOW YOU’RE SKIN TO BREATH – Avoid tight fit wear which cause irritation to skin. Wear loose cloths this to be followed for babies too. Tight fit exercise cloths wick away sweat and excess moisture prevent heat rash.









  • INTAKE OF WATER – High intake of water throughout day will reduce bad toxins from skin and refreshes body flow.
  • Avoids dehydration
  • 6-8 GLASS OF WATER PER DAYdownload







  • CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR FOR ALLERGY MEDICATIONS OR TREATMENTS – That will be the last but the best way to identify the cause and effect of your problem by consulting doctor. Talk to your doctor to avoid, prevent allergy and treatment to reduce or avoid symptoms.











  • BATH – Be clean so make sure to take bath daily to avoid sweat from body and smell. This will also help you avoid rash on body.
  • Use warm water
  • Use mild soap

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