Tuesday 20 April 2021
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Acne one of the big problem which girls face this days it is an skin problem that most of all deal with Finding what works for you may be a process of trial and error, but not to worry this post will help you to come across your problem here are few tips which will help you to avoid acne and maintain a clear skin with glow

  • Keep your face clear (Wash your face with low acid soap)

May or may not have Acne it is good to keep self clean by washing face twice a day to avoid dead skin, oil etc . Skin to be prevented from more acidic produces to maintain good clear skin use warm not hot water, Use cotton clean towel for face wipe use.

  • Avoid pimple creams

Why pimple creams ? When it can be handled with hygienic conditions.

Pimple creams will not be suitable for all and it has it own side effects on skin. Avoid creams unnecessarily if you really want to use any then take up DETTOL which will avoid bacteria and protect skin from harm (IF NEEDED)

  • Avoid glossy creams for daily use

GLOSSY, STICKY, SHINY Creams can also be the cause for acne we recommend it to be avoided due to the cause and effect

  • Intake more of WATER minimum 2 LITRES

One of the best way and essential to live and it is needed for different functions. Water is needed for good clear skin can’t be replaced by any beverages, sodas and other high caloric, high glycemic drinks.

  • Avoid touching your face at times of acne

Bacteria, viruses and allergens transfer from fingertips onto the skin. Also, repeatedly rubbing the skin can do some real damage .

  • Don’t use more products

There can be no extreme harm then using more products to the skin. Every cream has more or little content of acid which has it own effects over skin. Use light content products which can avoid harm to the skin(IF REQUIRED). Question your self why not natural beauty ?

  • Avoid body heat

Heat is one of the cause for acne control heat, balance your diet, balance your body temperature. Increase intake of water, juice and other food or drinks which controls heat in your body.

  • Increase intake of fresh juices ( lemon ,Mosambi ,Orange ,Watermelon etc )

Heat again which can be reduce through juice, poppy seeds, fenugreek seeds, honey in cold milk etc can help you control heat, avoid acne, clear shiny skin.

  • Protect skin from Sun ,Dust ,Smoke etc – Bacteria, viruses and allergens transfer should be avoided

I Believe this will be few tips which might help you to reduce acne to an extend will provide more tips as time passes do have a look .


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